Turkey Day Leftovers

What do you do with all of that leftover turkey?  I mean, really, who can eat turkey for the next week and a half until its all gone?  Well, here are some fabulous recipes that I found to make that leftover turkey seem brand new to everyone at the table. 

photo via

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Pumpkin Pasta


This is a yummy pasta dish using the last of the season’s best: PUMPKIN!  And it is so easy.  This could also be a wonderful side dish on your Thanksgiving table.  Make the sauce and pour it over orzo for a rice like side dish.  Or serve it over mini shells and let the sauce get stuck inside.  This dish is kid approved with two thumbs up!  Enjoy!

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Blue Cheese Bacon Dip


The relatives are coming!  The relatives are coming!

That is the cry most often heard around this time of year.  What are you going to feed them?  Thursday’s dinner is a foregone conclusion: turkey, stuffing (dressing if you’re a southerner), pecan pie. 

But what about the rest of the time?

This dip is awesome!  I made it the other day and couldn’t stop eating it.  I dipped in pita chips, carrots, corn chips.  It goes with everything.

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The Thankful Tree


This is a really fantastic craft to get your whole family into the spirit of Thanksgiving!  It’s easy and teaches children gratitude.  We all have so many things to be thankful for, now we can really display those thoughts in a crafty and fabulously Fall way!


I started by cutting out a leaf from cardboard.  Then I traced it onto some fall foliage colored scrapbook paper. 


I cut out all the leaves and punched holes in the bottom where the stem would naturally be.

IMG_6404 IMG_6405

I let the little ones get to work writing what they are thankful for.  I put string through the punched hole and hung them on some branches I found in the yard.   In the spirit of the season, and this craft, I will tell you all that I am thankful for family, friends, creativity and ALL of our blessings!


Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?  Sometimes I feel like it is that in between holiday that gets lost.  All of the stores have Christmas decorations out now and Halloween has just passed.  It’s almost easier to jump from one right to the next.  But Thanksgiving is so important.  It’s a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. 

Here are some inspiring ideas to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving.

I like this simple mantle from Urban Romance.

Or these I found on Shelterness.

And some amazing table settings and dining room décor!

found via Google search

found via Google search

found via Google search

found via Google search

This is Beautiful....BUT,where do the platters of turkey, dressing, and MASHED POTATOES go...I guess it's buffet style..haha

There are some very fantastic and easy decorations out there.  Candles always warm up a space.  And I am in love with home made bunting.

found on homedecoratingideas.com


from My Fabuless Life.

Thankful Bunting, Thanksgiving Bunting, Bunting Banner, Thanksgiving Garland, Pennant

available on Etsy

I am feeling inspired, how about you!  Follow me on Instagram to see how my fall decorating comes out!

Mantle-y Challenged

OK, so being in a rented home, my hands are somewhat tied.  I can’t hang too many pictures, paint, or unpack too much stuff.  And what I can do, I seem to have a mental block.  Or a mantle block for that matter.  One of the very easy things I can decorate is the fireplace mantle.  But I’m having trouble.  It looked like this:


But then I purchased some beautiful mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn and a mercury glass pheasant from a local shop called The Brass Exchange. (I love you, Brass Exchange!)  Now it looks like this:


Still boring!!  I want it to look like this:

Fall Mantel with Pumpkins

(courtesy of BHG)

or this:

(Courtesy of A Soft Place To Land)

So I’ve rustled up some leaves and a couple more pine cones.  This is what I have now:


Much more festive!