Day 29: Master Closet Part 2

It’s finished!  My master closet is finished!  There aren’t shoes all over the floor or clothes half hanging off of hangers.  It looks colorful and bright not scattered and cluttered!  Yippee!


I took some advice from some other bloggers and grouped my clothes by color.  It makes them feel very bright and cheery, like staring at a rainbow.

  IMG_6243  IMG_6247

The shoes are in boxes on the shelf and the purses are still hung.  I have room for my sweaters after moving some other items to the armoire.

IMG_6248  IMG_6240IMG_6239IMG_6250

The other half even helped out by putting all his work clothes on one side of the closet and casual clothes on the other.  Our closet is L-shaped so we each have a part of the L.  It’s almost like having his and hers. 


It’s not the closet of my dreams, but it’s the closet of “right now” and I’m so happy that it is large and neat and organized!  Wow, it’s almost like I am getting it together!!


Day 23: Master Closet Part 1

Like most women, I love shoes. (I’m giddy that it’s boot season!)  But my shoes were kind of taking over the floor of my closet.  Or they were thrown into large Rubbermaid bins.

IMG_6167 IMG_6166

It was bad.  So while over at a neighbors house, I saw ingenious shoe storage! (Thank you Melora and Florence!)  Small Rubbermaid bins.  I immediately ran out and bought around 50.  I got them all at Target for 87 cents a piece!  And I grabbed my trusty label maker.

IMG_6168  IMG_6169

I got to work pairing my shoes and putting them in bins.  Then I labeled each box with the type of shoe it held.

IMG_6171  IMG_6172

Then I started stacking them up.  Out of season shoes went on the highest shelf.

IMG_6174 IMG_6176

Boots were lined up on the floor and flats were lined up on a low shelf.


I also saw some amazing purse storage on Pinterest.  Are you ready for this?  Shower curtain rings!  Then your purses just hang right up. 


I can actually see the floor of my closet!!! 

Now I just need to get all of the clothing in order.  That’s part 2.