Moving On

This is what my foyer and dining room look like right now:


You got it, folks!  We are moving out!  We bought a house and close in a couple of weeks.  We are thrilled.  Here is our new beauty:


The whole family is very excited!  There are rooms to decorate, a huge kitchen to cook and create in, and plenty of dreaming and scheming to do!  I can’t wait to share it all with you!!!!

I am trying to come up with a name for our new home.  Any suggestions?  She needs a proper title.  She is going to get a little make-over in the coming month.  But it is sure to enhance her beauty.  I just can’t wait!!! (did I already mention that?) Smile  Send me any suggestions for a name for her.  I’m open to it all!


The Beauty of Greige

What is “greige” you ask?  The actual definition from is “Not bleached or dyed; unfinished. Used of textiles.”  My definition is that it’s a cross between grey and beige and IT IS FABULOUS!  It is so fabulous because it can be warm or cool, it matches everything, and it comes in many different shades.  I believe it is so popular right now because of the popularity of burlap and grain sacks.  It is the exact color of burlap and grain sacks. 

Traditional | Home Offices : Designer Portfolio : Candace Olsen  HGTV - Home & Garden Television

This room by Candice Olson is decidedly greige.  Look at the rug alone.  Shades of white, grey and beige.  And the grass cloth wallpaper, which is to die for, has many different tones of white, grey and beige. 


A front entry done in greige can set the tone for an entire house.  Is it grey?  Is it beige?  Luckily it can be both!  (image via pinterest)


I adore this home office!  So soothing and relaxing.  I’m not sure I’d get any work done.  Just look at how the greige bookshelves make the antique books stand out. 


I could do without the sheep’s head on my wall, but the wall color paired with the creamy couch is very cozy.  And here’s some burlap for all of you lovers out there!

Here are some beautiful greige colors from Benjamin Moore.


I love them all.  I’m thinking that Coastal Fog and Feather Down need to make an appearance in my next house.  How about you?  Are you going to go greige in 2013?

Catalogs for Christmas

I seem to get every catalog under the sun.  I’m sure we all do.  Most of them I throw away, especially when a new company sends one.  I breeze through my home décor ones (my favorites) and Williams Sonoma and then recycle them.  I love getting ideas from their pages and WS has some great recipes.  Yesterday I went to my mailbox and discovered a new catalog, Mark and Graham.  What a great catalog!  Super for all of you monogram junkies out there, like me.  The parent company is Williams Sonoma, so it is very simple yet chic.  Love it!  I want to order everything!  Just look at these great linen wine bags.  Perfect for hostess gifts for holiday parties.

Linen Wine Bag with Grosgrain Tie

I am particularly in love with these paper placemats.  You can write the menu on them for dinner parties!  How brilliant!

Bon Apetit Paper Placemats

And something I have always wanted (Santa, are you listening?), monogrammed napkins.  They come in almost any color monogram you can imagine.  And you can choose your font.  Free personalization and $5 flat rate shipping!  Yahoo!

Typographer's Linen Napkins

Fall Front Porches

Halloween is over and November is here!  Can you believe it?!  In 3 weeks we will be sitting around a table with our family and a turkey.  For now, Halloween is over and the decorations must come down.  That means that we are in the décor “lame duck” period.  It’s too early for Christmas decorations, but we can’t leave Halloween up because its over.  So I’ve been looking for some inspiration.  Here is what I’ve stumbled upon.

Etch Them

Lots and lots of pumpkins!  Photo courtesy of Southern Living.


Super orange hues.  Photo courtesy of Houzz.


Leaves and hay make a beautiful harvest theme.  I love the walnuts in the candle holders! Photo from google.

I’ll post what I come up with.  Now comes the task of taking down the Halloween Décor while my kiddos aren’t home.  Oh, the heartbreak!

Mantle-y Challenged

OK, so being in a rented home, my hands are somewhat tied.  I can’t hang too many pictures, paint, or unpack too much stuff.  And what I can do, I seem to have a mental block.  Or a mantle block for that matter.  One of the very easy things I can decorate is the fireplace mantle.  But I’m having trouble.  It looked like this:


But then I purchased some beautiful mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn and a mercury glass pheasant from a local shop called The Brass Exchange. (I love you, Brass Exchange!)  Now it looks like this:


Still boring!!  I want it to look like this:

Fall Mantel with Pumpkins

(courtesy of BHG)

or this:

(Courtesy of A Soft Place To Land)

So I’ve rustled up some leaves and a couple more pine cones.  This is what I have now:


Much more festive!

House for Sale!

About 2 years ago I gave up my career in real estate to be a full time mother and wife.  While I do miss the thrill of the sale, I do not regret my decision to watch my children grow and to care for my family the way I’ve always dreamed of.  That being said, I cannot avoid the allure of buying and selling houses.  My dream has always been to buy a house with “good bones” and make it beautiful.  Well, I am working hard to make my dream come true.  My husband and I have found a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood that is perfectly plain and in need of updating.  We have dubbed it “Vanilla House”.  The kids even call it that!  But first, we must sell our current home.  Anybody interested?


We built this house and made changes along the way.  Our first improvement was the back yard with a stone paver patio and fire pit.  We added the retaining wall in front for curb appeal.


I adore our kitchen and breakfast area (and the wine bar!).  Our kitchen is huge and has a ton of cabinet space.  But my internal wannabe interior designer is calling me to “Vanilla House”.


Our living room and screened porch are both located off of the kitchen.  These 3 rooms are probably the most lived in and most loved.


Here is our craft/laundry room.  We tiled the floor in an extra bedroom and made it into this.  Who really needs 2 guest bedrooms?!  I love the tile we used.  It looks like white-washed wood.  And of course, the back yard.  Our fire pit has seen a lot of roasted marshmallows and will see some more before we go.  Hooray for fall!

I hope you like my home.  If you live in North Carolina, please send me a buyer!  And if you come look at my home, please don’t open any cabinets or closets.  The amount of clutter I have tried to hide is atrocious!  I cannot be responsible for falling objects! Smile