Day 30: The Guest Room

Considering this is the end of October, the holidays are just around the corner.  And knowing that we will have guests, I figured I needed to give them a place to stay.  But the closet was overflowing and the little dresser in there was full of my junk. 



I went into that closet, guns blazing.  There was going to be room in there for our guests if it was the last thing I did!  I took so much out that I couldn’t believe it had all fit in there!


I have a love of fabric.  I buy remnants that I think are beautiful.  I’m sure I’ll come up with a use for them someday, but they were just stacked in the closet.  I decided to use the amazing storage in the Stratton Bed from Pottery Barn.  Now all of the fabrics and trims are tucked away in a basket that fits neatly under the bed.

IMG_6255  IMG_6258

I stacked all of the throw pillows on the top shelf.  I like to switch out my pillows for the seasons so I have a lot.  And those aren’t the type of things you like to put in the attic (read: dust and bugs).


Now there is actually space for guests to hang clothes and put folded clothes!

IMG_6263  IMG_6265

The dresser was mostly full of wrapping paper and ribbon.  And I found new places for all of that so that guests can put items away.

  IMG_6272    IMG_6271

The guest room is almost ready.  Stay tuned after 31 Days is over for a post on making a guest suite inviting.