Day 28: The Car

My car is gross.  I’m pretty sure there are enough crumbs on the floor to feed my kids for a week.  And hair bands, various wrappers and school stuff.  Let me correct myself – WERE.  I cleaned and organized the car.  Yippee!

On any given day I could have up to 4 kids in my car.  And the ones that don’t belong to me probably go home and tell their mothers how disgusting my car is.  Sorry, was.  I was embarrassed but never took the time to do anything about it. 


I vacuumed and scrubbed.  I think I filled the garbage can!  But now it is clean.  My children have been warned.. they must keep it that way!!


I even went as far as organizing the center console!  I bought a canvas container from Target that has collapsible compartments in it.  Brilliant!  Now I can keep the hand sanitizer separate from my car phone charger.  And…  I bought some car games and contained them in another canvas container from Target.  I just felt like every time my kids were in the car they were glued to their iPads.  Now they have a mini Bop-It game, car bingo (yeah!  remember that one?), and some question and answer activities. 



Day 15: The Catch-up Day

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm taking a mental health day to evaluate why I'm still working here.

Everyone needs these kinds of days.  A day to regroup and get it together.  The laundry is overflowing.  The carpet needs to be vacuumed.  The beds need to be changed.  The dog needs a long run.  No new projects today.  Just get things done around the house so they don’t begin to consume you.

I think a catch-up day is necessary at least once a month.  Think about it.  Plans change.  Something comes up.  We get busy and the days get away from us.  Suddenly we look around and we feel chaotic again.  The best way to eliminate that feeling is to tackle the issue.  Take a day of doing nothing else but catching up on stuff that you’ve let go.

Chaos makes me anxious.  Anxiety makes me cranky and irrational.  For the well being of my whole family I need to minimize chaos.  Today I will be putting away mounds of folded laundry.  I will be wiping down the kitchen counters.  I will be generally putting items away in their rightful places.  I will be responding to emails.  And making appointments that I’ve neglected to make.  I will be catching up on those items that I have let go.  Then I will feel “together”…. Until I need the next catch-up day!