Holiday Book Case Styling


My holiday décor mostly consists of red and white with greenery thrown in.  It’s simple and to the point.  I like it that way.  Besides, red is my favorite color.  You can’t go wrong with RED!

When it came time to decorate our new home, I realized how much space I have to work with.  I mean, having never decorated this house before it was almost like a blank canvas!  I had no thoughts of “I put that there last year.” or “this is where the tree always goes.”  You know what I mean?

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Bookcase Styling

I am working on the finishing touches to Prince Charming’s office.  I am so excited, but I have discovered the Achilles Heel of this project – bookcase styling.  It is stressing me out.  My hubby has a ton of books and magazines, none of which he wants to part with.  And he is king of paper stacks – just piles of papers here and there and he swears he knows what is in all of them.  Soooo, I am trying to devise a styling plan that will make both he and I happy.  I have found some ideas.

I like this idea – books going this way and that is a kind of sloppy yet curated display.

ciao! newport beach: bookcase styling

Or this one which carries on the ocean theme!  I need to have more books and less ocean life to make it work.  But I like the vintage cloches and crates to hide stuff.

(photos found here)

I like the look of this with the books turned backwards, but it isn’t really practical.  How do you know which book is what?!

Beautiful Chic Living Room & Bookcases & the accessorizing!!  Prado bookcase by Suzanne Kasler, Hickory Chair

This one by Suzanne Kasler is awesome!  Great mix of baskets and books, but we still have waaaaaay more books than this!

Bookcase Styling Ideas We Stole From the Pros : Books do double duty in this circular hall by adding color and pattern to an otherwise traditional space.  Source: Elle Decor

Rainbow books by Elle Décor.  I really like this idea!  It’s very cheerful!  This is probably about the right volume of books for us.  Oh my!

Styling a leaning bookcase

This is a great mix of baskets and books.  I think this is what I’m going to aim for!

Photos of the office are coming soon.  We need to hang the curtains, get the desk situated, find a rug and, of course, style the bookcases.