Holiday Book Case Styling


My holiday décor mostly consists of red and white with greenery thrown in.  It’s simple and to the point.  I like it that way.  Besides, red is my favorite color.  You can’t go wrong with RED!

When it came time to decorate our new home, I realized how much space I have to work with.  I mean, having never decorated this house before it was almost like a blank canvas!  I had no thoughts of “I put that there last year.” or “this is where the tree always goes.”  You know what I mean?

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Home Office Reveal–FINALLY!


I feel like this was the longest before and after ever!  The problem wasn’t getting it done.  The problem was getting Prince Charming to tidy it up enough so that I could photograph it!  He is a clutter bug.  He’ll never admit it, but he is.  He leaves piles everywhere.  Just piles of paper or business cards or mail.

All. Over. The. House.

I was hoping that this office would force him to be more organized, but so far things haven’t changed.

But I love him anyway. (I don’t love the piles!)  At least the piles have a prettier space!

Just to jog your memory, here is the before (from the previous owners):


Here is when we first moved in:


This is the inspiration behind the room and the design scheme:


We decided to have book cases built in along the entire side wall.  This would allow for storage of all my hubby’s books and office supplies.  The room already had a beautiful coffered ceiling so we thought the book cases would just enhance that.


We chose to have the desk top done in a stain grade wood instead of solid white.  It would match the regular desk we had chosen.  The bookcases and trim are all painted White Sand by Benjamin Moore.  The walls are Refuge by Sherwin Williams.


So, after the built-ins were done I could begin to see the room take shape.  I had curtains that previously hung in our old kitchen, taken down to the right height.


I found a beautiful Berg`ere chair on Craigslist for only $100!  It matched the colors perfectly!  The lamp is from Home Goods.


I also found a storage bench at Home Goods for $120!  Don’t you love the nailhead trim?!  The rug was a Joss and Main purchase and once resided in the foyer.


We purchased the Hendrix desk from Pottery Barn.


I purchased cute little accessories and baskets from Home Goods and World Market.


And this is how the room came together!  Several folks, including Prince Charming, were skeptical about the color scheme, but I think it works.  I love it!  That rusty orange is just the right pop of color, don’t you think?




All of the woodwork was done by our wonderful carpenter, Yerif, of YGM Xtrim Carpentry in Charlotte.

All of the piles were expertly hidden.  You may see some evidence of them in those baskets! Smile

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Bookcase Styling

I am working on the finishing touches to Prince Charming’s office.  I am so excited, but I have discovered the Achilles Heel of this project – bookcase styling.  It is stressing me out.  My hubby has a ton of books and magazines, none of which he wants to part with.  And he is king of paper stacks – just piles of papers here and there and he swears he knows what is in all of them.  Soooo, I am trying to devise a styling plan that will make both he and I happy.  I have found some ideas.

I like this idea – books going this way and that is a kind of sloppy yet curated display.

ciao! newport beach: bookcase styling

Or this one which carries on the ocean theme!  I need to have more books and less ocean life to make it work.  But I like the vintage cloches and crates to hide stuff.

(photos found here)

I like the look of this with the books turned backwards, but it isn’t really practical.  How do you know which book is what?!

Beautiful Chic Living Room & Bookcases & the accessorizing!!  Prado bookcase by Suzanne Kasler, Hickory Chair

This one by Suzanne Kasler is awesome!  Great mix of baskets and books, but we still have waaaaaay more books than this!

Bookcase Styling Ideas We Stole From the Pros : Books do double duty in this circular hall by adding color and pattern to an otherwise traditional space.  Source: Elle Decor

Rainbow books by Elle Décor.  I really like this idea!  It’s very cheerful!  This is probably about the right volume of books for us.  Oh my!

Styling a leaning bookcase

This is a great mix of baskets and books.  I think this is what I’m going to aim for!

Photos of the office are coming soon.  We need to hang the curtains, get the desk situated, find a rug and, of course, style the bookcases. 

Keeping Room–Before & After


I feel as though I just moved in to my house yesterday!  I’ve been working so hard on just trying to get unpacked, purging unwanted items and organizing this house for the way we live that I’ve forgotten to share with you all of the work that has been done.

This house has a keeping room (or hearth room or family room) which is a smaller family room right off the kitchen.  I love it!!!  It is the main gathering area for the family.  I can be in the kitchen cooking and still see everything and everyone.

Here are the before pictures.  As you can see, the built-ins were the same color as the kitchen cabinets and there was carpet.  Oh, and the walls were green.



We were going to keep the carpet and just let the kids and dog destroy it, but upon further inspection we found that it was already destroyed.  You can kind of see that it was much lighter under where the previous owners couch used to be.  And it smelled of their dogs.  Prince Charming and I agreed that no amount of carpet cleaning could undo that.  So, we decided to put in hardwood floors to match the rest of the house.


I had the bookcases painted in Creamy and Urbane Bronze on the inside, both by Sherwin Williams.  I love the way they turned out.  And check out the floors, pre-stain.  They added such a great flow to the kitchen and keeping room.  I didn’t realize what an impact they would have until they were in.  Awesome!!


These little wing chairs got a make-over for the keeping room as well.  I grew up with these chairs in my home and my parents gave them to me last year.  They sat in my garage last year while I figured out what to do with them.  When we moved, it was time for their big Ta-Da!  I had them reupholstered in a wonderful greige fabric I found at the Metrolina Expo.


Didn’t they turn out great!?


The medallion pillows I had custom made out of remnant fabric I found and yellow, iridescent burlap.  Who could pass that up?  The coffee table was a find on Rue La La and the rug came from


image imageimage

Trim and bookcases: Creamy        Walls: Kilim Beige             Back of bookcases:Urbane Bronze

All paint by Sherwin-Williams.

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