Day 31: I Really Feel More “Together”

First of all:


Second of all: I DID IT!  I made it through my first 31 days series!  Thank you so much to The Nester for encouraging all of us who participated and for giving us all this wonderful opportunity!

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I have to say, I truly do feel more together.  I feel organized and tidy.  I know that it won’t always be like that.  Things may fall out of line (or out of a closet) on occasion.  But I have the right tools in place.  My pantry really is more organized.  I can actually find stuff in my closets.  I haven’t forgotten an appointment all month!

So, in honor of the 31 Day to Getting it Together, I would like to recap my Keys to Getting it Together or what I have learned.

1. Do Not Procrastinate! Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink overnight, just get it done before bed.  Don’t say you’ll get to the laundry tomorrow, it WILL multiply in 24 hours!  Muster the energy and just get it done.  It really helps!

2.  Just Do It!  Don’t think about it, just do it.  Plan and execute.  If your plan doesn’t go perfectly the first time, you can try again but at least you have a starting point.  And you can do it.  All of my tasks are quite manageable.  They seem large at first but they really are doable.

3.  The Law of Physics Applies!  You know the one, “an object in motion shall remain in motion….”  Once you get started, it’s much easier to keep going.  You pick up momentum and it becomes enjoyable because you are accomplishing something.  Yes, I just went all Big Bang Theory on you.  Sorry.

4.  Look The Part – get up, get dressed, look your best!  It helps you to feel motivated and confident and ready to tackle any challenge.

5.  Have A Plan (but know that plans get broken) – It is always easier to tackle a challenge when you have a plan.  But sometimes the best laid plans need to be changed.  We learn from our mistakes and set-backs (hopefully).  And they help us make better plans in the future.

6.  Embrace the Chaos – the house doesn’t stay messy forever.  Your children are only young once.  You only have one life, and if it is crazy then it is full.  Enjoy it all.

7.  Get Plenty of Sleep – When you are tired,  you can’t get anything done.  When the whole family is tired, it’s a disaster!  Things are left undone, everyone is cranky, important events are forgotten.  Seriously, sleep is sooooo important!

8.  Enlist the Entire Family – Chore charts are back!  The kids have to chip in.  When the spouse looks at you and asks why the house is a disaster, hand him a list of stuff to do that will help.  If even one person isn’t on board with keeping it together, the whole thing will fall apart.

9. There will always be more – There will always be more to clean, purge, organize.  And if you are like me, you will look forward to it. 

10.  Be Proud! – You have accomplished a lot!  Take a look around and give yourself a pat on the back once in a while.  It all got done!