Two Toned Dresser

So I had this dresser….. I bought it over a year ago because I loved the look and shape of it, just not the finish.

Then we moved, my BFF lovingly stored it in her basement until we found our permanent home.  That is when the dresser moved to the garage and sat for months until I finally decided what to do with her.


And so the transformation began.  I had the place in my house that I wanted her to go and I knew what picture I wanted to hang above.  So I hatched a plan that would tie the picture and this chest of drawers together.  I was going to paint her in a lovely terra cotta color.  But once I painted the top, I changed my mind.  That would be a whole lot of orange!!!  I decided to paint just the top a terra cotta color and the rest old white and then lightly distress it.  To get the right color, I mixed 2 parts Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange with one part Emperor’s Silk.



Once the painting was complete I roughed her up a bit and then gave her a good coat of clear wax before starting the dark wax.


I really worked in the dark wax and wiped it off quickly.  I didn’t want the white to get too dark but I did want it to settle into all the details.


Here she is with her intended art:


I’m still not sure about the orange top, but that’s the beauty of chalk paint.  She can be changed in a short afternoon!

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Kitchen Before & After


Here it is!  The big “ta-da”!  I’m so happy with my kitchen.  But when I first started out, I was not.  I told Prince Charming that the only way I would buy this house is if the kitchen could get a makeover.  I wasn’t kidding.  He knew it.  Now I’m in love!

Here is what we started out with:


Everything was heavy and dark.  And green is my least favorite color, but notice the color of the cabinets on the island.  Yeah, they had to go.  Even the dark granite took on a greenish hue.  It’s a beautiful space with lots of storage.  I love the backsplash, too.  None of that had to change.  I needed to lighten up the space.  On a rainy day it felt like a cave.

I found a wonderful lady who does all sorts of cabinetry.  I couldn’t get her in here fast enough!  Well, she came in and took all the doors to spray in an off white lacquer.  She called the color Oyster.  I call it wonderful!!  She began spraying the boxes on the same day Above Board Flooring came to lay new hardwoods in the keeping room and sand the existing floors to refinish them. 

I was able to come in and snap some photos in between work.


All of this reno stuff is dusty and dirty work.  Notice the light fixture too.  Say “Au Revoir!” to that as well!!!

Now I get to cook in this:



Look how much brighter everything is!!!  The walls got a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams Kilim Beige paint.  The kitchen island was lacquered in black and the edges rubbed back to reveal the reddish cabinetry beneath.  Just a little nod to what once was.  The hardwood floors were refinished in Minwax Dark Walnut stain and a matte finish polyurethane. 


I changed the hardware to a rubbed bronze pull for drawers and knob for cabinets.  (they were all brushed nickel knobs before)


The light fixture over the island was changed to the Lucas 3-light Pendant from Ballard Designs.


I have all of these wonderful storage spaces.  I am truly in love with this kitchen!


It wasn’t until we moved in and the last cabinet door was hung that I realized how lazy I had become in the kitchen.  I had hardly created anything new or experimented with recipes is such a long time!  Buckle up, y’all!  I’m ready to do some cookin’!

I Finally Have Internet!

It has been a long week of unpacking, sorting, moving, being without internet access and being SO HAPPY!  I love this house!  I will be sharing before and after shots with you shortly.  The first to come is the kitchen!  I am almost done unpacking it!!  Stay tuned for next week!

Craigslist Chair–Before and After

I am totally in the throes of packing!  We closed on our home on Thursday!  A few days earlier than we had originally planned but everyone was ready so why not?!  I am sooo excited!  My Prince Charming has allowed me to redo the kitchen and keeping room (yes, I have a keeping room!!!!!) immediately and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Meanwhile, I have been planning some other odds and ends and I thought I would share one with you.


I bought this little accent chair off of Craigslist for I think around $50 bucks.  I’ve had it for over a year and just haven’t messed with it.  It became a clothes rack in my bedroom.  But recently I decided to show it a little love!







The Annie Sloan came out!  French Linen is a beautiful gray color.  I painted 2 coats on the chair and then lightly distressed it.  I didn’t want this chair appearing too chippy.  I had the best fabric picked out for it and the grey would look wonderful with that fabric. 




After it was painted I went over it with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  I let it seep into the crevasses of this chair.  There was some detailing on the arms that I really wanted to come through.








After all of the layers had dried and I buffed it really well with an old tee shirt (my rag of choice), I sent it to the upholsterer.  I do not attempt to upholster myself.  I think it is quite a talent, and I don’t have it! 

This is what the chair looks like now:


Yes, those are boxes in the background.  There’s just too many of them to hide!!!

I’m not sure where the chair will go in the new house, but I need to find a proper place for it.  I just love the way it turned out!!

Breakfast Area–Before & After

I have been reminiscing about my old house.  I think about all the little projects I did there.  It was a new home when we moved in so there weren’t odd spaces or old DIY stuff for me to tackle.  It was exactly the way we wanted it.  So most of the stuff I did to the house was decoration.  Adding this and that, painting, etc. 

This was our breakfast area when we first moved in:


This was a homemade cornice above the window.  It added the much needed color to the space.  And the table and chairs were from World Market and took a lot of abuse from a toddler and infant.  But I loved the rug, which I got at Target and still have today.


This is the breakfast area after the kiddos had grown up a bit.  They had destroyed the table and it never matched anyway so I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk.  I bought a very ugly bench for around $50 and painted the legs the same color and upholstered it with a gorgeous fabric I found.  I think the fabric cost more than the bench!


Isn’t it amazing what window treatments can do to a space?!  Prince Charming let me get rid of the boring white blinds and put in bamboo.  I didn’t tell him about the custom curtains until I brought them home.  He was upset until they went up, at that point he “got it”.  He’s coming around on the whole home decorating thing. Smile  The planters on the wall were purchased at HomeGoods.

A little sprucing made a big difference!  What have you done to your house lately?

Outdoor Living Area–Before & After

It has been warming up a bit down here and I am thinking about outdoor living spaces.  At my last home, I designed a great outdoor living space with the assistance of a landscape architect.  I don’t know my plants so I really needed help in that area.  But as for the overall layout of the space, Prince Charming and I devised it all and we loved it. 


This is what the back yard looked like when we moved in.  Very boring, but lots of space.  This was a great yard.


This is what it looked like after.  We put in a tiered patio with a fire pit.  We used it often, especially as the weather warmed up in the Spring and began to cool in the Fall.  Many s’mores were made here!

Our screened porch was a must have.  We altered the house plan to accommodate one when we built this house.  When we moved in it looked like this:


The furniture was very big and didn’t work well on the porch.  The layout was awkward and we found ourselves not really using the space.  So I spruced it up a bit.


The sectional came from Target and I love it!  It was very affordable and easy to assemble.  Most of the accessories were from HomeGoods and that great coffee table was a Décor Steal.  I was sad to leave that room, but it was well loved after I gave it a make-over.  I look forward to my next screened porch! Smile