Holiday Home Tour

We all love a good home tour, don’t we?!  I thought I’d share my home, all decorated for the season.  I love decorating for Christmastime.  I’d love to do more.  But I think that there is a fine line between tasteful and Clark Griswold.  Don’t you agree?


The Keeping Room:

IMG_6789   IMG_6796IMG_6790      IMG_6834IMG_6836

The Entry


(That is a new piece I just finished painting.  It needs some touch up and a change in some of the hardware, but I love the color!)

The Great Room

IMG_6801   IMG_6825IMG_6827 IMG_6805 IMG_6803IMG_6848 photo 3 (8) photo 1 (9)

The Tree

IMG_6830  IMG_6832IMG_6839 IMG_6843 IMG_6838

The Breakfast Room (and my little helper!)

IMG_6808   IMG_6842

I love classic red and white, but with kids around, you need to throw in some color and novelty ornaments.  Christmas is time for the whole family to enjoy.  Each of my children have their own trees in their bedrooms (they decorated all by themselves!) and there is an advent calendar in the hallway. 

IMG_6856  IMG_6857  IMG_6860

Oh, and the elf, Cookie!



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