Day 28: The Car

My car is gross.  I’m pretty sure there are enough crumbs on the floor to feed my kids for a week.  And hair bands, various wrappers and school stuff.  Let me correct myself – WERE.  I cleaned and organized the car.  Yippee!

On any given day I could have up to 4 kids in my car.  And the ones that don’t belong to me probably go home and tell their mothers how disgusting my car is.  Sorry, was.  I was embarrassed but never took the time to do anything about it. 


I vacuumed and scrubbed.  I think I filled the garbage can!  But now it is clean.  My children have been warned.. they must keep it that way!!


I even went as far as organizing the center console!  I bought a canvas container from Target that has collapsible compartments in it.  Brilliant!  Now I can keep the hand sanitizer separate from my car phone charger.  And…  I bought some car games and contained them in another canvas container from Target.  I just felt like every time my kids were in the car they were glued to their iPads.  Now they have a mini Bop-It game, car bingo (yeah!  remember that one?), and some question and answer activities. 


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