Day 26 & 27–Craft and Toy Storage

The playroom is bar none, the messiest room in the house.  I have so many storage ideas and solutions in place there, yet I can’t keep it clean. 



My kids are really in to making friendship bracelets and using the Rainbow Loom.  I have found great storage solutions for those.


This hobby case available from the Container Store is perfect for craft supplies.

Translucent Hobby Case

These stackable Fridge Binz from the Container Store are supposed to be used in the refrigerator, but I can see them being very valuable in other places, like the craft cabinet.

Fridge Binz

These lidded mason jars hold lots of little craft items like stickers, thread, buttons, etc.



This Wrapping Paper Organizer is brilliant.  I really need one.  I have wrapping paper stashed in 3 or 4 different places around the house.

Grey Wrap & Tote Organizer

Several of these baskets from Target corral toys and Legos.

Threshold™ Alicia Round Storage Basket   Threshold™ Set of 2 Alicia Magazine Basket with Handle

These colorful baskets from The Land of Nod are on the shelves and hold small toys like blocks, Barbies and even more Legos.


I wanted the playroom to be a place where my kids could create and play.  We have a Lego table and a kid sized craft table.  There are usually small objects all over the floor!  I used those good ‘ol shoe storage boxes for Lego sets.  It keeps the sets together.

IMG_6213 IMG_6208

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