Day 23: Master Closet Part 1

Like most women, I love shoes. (I’m giddy that it’s boot season!)  But my shoes were kind of taking over the floor of my closet.  Or they were thrown into large Rubbermaid bins.

IMG_6167 IMG_6166

It was bad.  So while over at a neighbors house, I saw ingenious shoe storage! (Thank you Melora and Florence!)  Small Rubbermaid bins.  I immediately ran out and bought around 50.  I got them all at Target for 87 cents a piece!  And I grabbed my trusty label maker.

IMG_6168  IMG_6169

I got to work pairing my shoes and putting them in bins.  Then I labeled each box with the type of shoe it held.

IMG_6171  IMG_6172

Then I started stacking them up.  Out of season shoes went on the highest shelf.

IMG_6174 IMG_6176

Boots were lined up on the floor and flats were lined up on a low shelf.


I also saw some amazing purse storage on Pinterest.  Are you ready for this?  Shower curtain rings!  Then your purses just hang right up. 


I can actually see the floor of my closet!!! 

Now I just need to get all of the clothing in order.  That’s part 2.


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