Day 20: Exercise

I need 26 or 27 hours in a day.  That way I could actually get it together.  I want to be able to do it all!  When I get busy, the first thing to go is exercise.  I know that is bad.  But I’m pretty sure most people are guilty of that.  The second thing to go is laundry, but that’s another story!

I try to exercise, but with the move last year and just tossing stuff into this house, I have let it slip.  I used to run almost every day.  3 miles a day.  Even in the cold and rain.  Now, I’m lucky if I run 2 days a week, as fast as I can, just to get it over with.  I used to enjoy it. 

Hopefully, with this series on Getting It Together, I will get my house in functioning order, and make more time to exercise.  I am starting to feel the pangs of guilt for not running more.  So here is my plan: 2 days a week of Pure Barre and 2 or more days a week of running.  I think that’s a good balance, don’t you?

I am going to begin putting it in my planner.  Time to exercise.  It’s all part of the “Getting It Together” plan.


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