Day 16: The Armoire

I have very large bedroom furniture.  It is so large, in fact, that at the house we rented we could only fit our bed and dresser.  The beautiful armoire we have had to be stored in the garage.  When we moved into “Chateau Charmant”, it came back to the bedroom.  Having not used it for so long, I kind of forgot about it.  It was pretty empty. 

photo 3photo 4

And then I looked into my closet and saw this.

photo 5

Light Bulb!  (Insert best Gru from “Despicable Me” accent here.)

I got to work transferring all of my tees and sweatshirts and shorts to the armoire.  I folded and arranged.  It was such happy work!

Now it looks like this.

photo 1 (2)photo 5 (2)

And there is still more space in there!!!  And there is more space in my closet!!!  I really should have done this sooner!  Plus I sent a nice big bag to Goodwill. 

(Sorry for the awful photos.  It was cloudy and I just couldn’t get any good light.)


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