Day 12: The Playroom

When we moved in, Prince Charming and I agreed that we needed to gain some storage in the playroom.  It was just a long room with attic storage at the end.  We needed shelving.  And cabinetry.  Places to hide toys.  You know, junk storage. 

This is the room we started with:


This is what was behind door number 1:


So I had the great idea to recess the book cases into the eaves in the attic.  We weren’t going to be using them for storage.  And this also meant that we wouldn’t lose any usable square footage in the playroom!

So I sent my fabulous carpenter this sketch:


And he could actually read it!  So he came over and did this:



(Yerif Marin with YGM Xtrim Carpentry)

So I got busy choosing colors:

photo (2)

And then he built these:

IMG_6026 IMG_6028

IMG_6027 IMG_6029

Pretty awesome, huh?!  Now my children have a room to be kids.  They can relax and read or create or just play.  No TV yet.  They don’t need it.


And our toys and books have a nice neat place to reside.  (More to come on organizing toys!)

Wall color is Sherwin Williams North Star


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