Day 11: The Exterior


Just because the inside of your house looks like chaos, doesn’t mean the outside has to also!  I decided to tackle the exterior of the house.  Our patio was kind of pathetic.  Actually, it was nasty!  The finish was worn down and had seen better days.

photo 1

So Prince Charming got out his new toy, a power washer, and got to work.

photo 2

And while he did that I decided to spruce up the patio set.

photo 3

Once the patio was washed down and the old finish blasted away, we let it sit over night before putting on a new concrete stain and sealant.

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)

photo 4

This was kind of crazy to spray on.  I ended up having to spread it around with a roller.  It looked all spotty before I did.


Not our patio looks fresh and clean.  Thank goodness!  It feels much better when you look outside and don’t see moldy mildew ick!

Then I set out to tackle the front porch.  Nothing super fancy, but enough to look like we live here!




And the Halloween decorations have started to come out. 


It feels better driving up to the house.  It is much more welcoming, even with the spooky spiders!


One thought on “Day 11: The Exterior

  1. I noticed the front when I drove home today…looks great! Love your blog! Nice that Prince Charming participates, too! 👍

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