Day 8: My Work Space and Vision Board

My work space is a disaster.  And sadly, it is very visible.  I sits in my great room for all the world to see.  It is a very simple desk with no storage.  A chair with a misshapen slip cover.  And a bulletin board.  I covet a larger desk from Ballard Designs.  Perhaps I’ll get it for Christmas, hint, hint!

It did look like this:

photo 1 (3)  photo 3 (3)  photo 4 (3)

That is my bulletin/ vision/ décor board sitting on the floor.  And a basket of junk.  My desk is cluttered with paper, my coffee mug and breakfast.  There are papers everywhere!

I decided to finally hang my bulletin board (see day 7: Get Your Stuff Off the Floor).

photo 2 (3)

And I threw out and organized my papers so that I could find what I needed.  My desk top is a bit less cluttered!

photo 1 (4)  photo 2 (4)

I put my vision board back together.  If you don’t have a vision board, you need one!  It’s like Pinterest, but smack in front of you every day.  On mine I have photos of what I’d like my house to look like, pictures of my kids, fitness motivation, places I’d like to go and things that I want.  I first saw the concept for a vision board on Oprah years ago and immediately made one.  It’s amazing how seeing it every day really helps you to achieve what is on there.  And it is so satisfying to take something down.  It’s like crossing off an item on your dream to-do list.

photo 3 (4) 

And it’s also amazing the simple things that you find that keep you motivated every day!

photo 4 (4)

I have a fortune cookie slip that says “Start believing in your dreams and others will catch the fever.”  And this napkin that I wrote a note to my son on: “I love you to the moon and back.  Love, Mommy” and he wrote back “I love you more than that!”  There may be some Dorito residue on that napkin but I don’t care.  It’s special!


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