Day 6: The Keys to Getting It Together

Since starting this series, I have heard from a lot of folks that they have thought about organizing the pantry or cleaning out the fridge.  They try to keep a planner but haven’t followed through.  I have also been given tips from others about staying organized and on top of it all.  (There are so many talented bloggers out there!!!)  So far, here is what I have figured out:

1. Do Not Procrastinate!   Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink overnight, just get it done before bed.  Don’t say you’ll get to the laundry tomorrow, it WILL multiply in 24 hours!  Muster the energy and just get it done.  It really helps!

2.  Just Do It!  Don’t think about it, just do it.  Plan and execute.  If your plan doesn’t go perfectly the first time, you can try again but at least you have a starting point.  And you can do it.  All of my tasks are quite manageable.  They seem large at first but they really are doable.

3.  The Law of Physics Applies!  You know the one, “an object in motion shall remain in motion….”  Once you get started, it’s much easier to keep going.  You pick up momentum and it becomes enjoyable because you are accomplishing something.  Yes, I just went all Big Bang Theory on you.  Sorry.

I plan on adding to this as I go along, but so far, this is what I have learned.  I am really enjoying this!


2 thoughts on “Day 6: The Keys to Getting It Together

  1. Wow, I hope I make as much progress as you are! I am doing 31 days of Taming Too much, and loving the ideas from others as well, Looking forward to joining you.

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