Day 5: The Planner

We have a very busy schedule.  Our family consists of 2 children, mom, dad, 1 dog, 2 cats and 1 fish.  Prince Charming travels for his job.  Both kids are athletic and outgoing.  The dog has waaay too much energy without a daily run.  I chose to give up my career and stay at home so that I could be involved at school, and cook, and clean, and decorate.  Unfortunately, all of this creates the perfect storm for the family calendar.  I constantly feel like a wreck – am I forgetting something?  Do I have everything?  And I always feel like I’m in a rush.  And a drill sergeant herding cats. 

Funny Family Ecard: No matter how much you love your children, sometimes you need a break to collect yourself.

I forget things frequently.  I have missed haircuts, dentist appointments and almost a ballet recital.  We have been late for practices and rehearsals.  I struggle with keeping a calendar.  You can’t always rely on Microsoft Outlook because you can’t stuff your computer in your purse.  And you can’t always rely on your phone because, if you’re like me, every time Apple releases an update (which is like every week!) your phone doesn’t work right for a month!  Paper and pencil planners are soooo out.  Or are they?  So here is what I decided to do.  I use it all!


I use my phone to input quick items – doctors appointments while I’m at the checkout desk, playdates after I hang up the phone with the other mom, etc.  My Outlook calendar is for big deal stuff – days off from school, big school events, birthdays, kids sports and lessons, trips, etc. 

I have decided to add to my repertoire of calendars.  I have created my own paper planner!  And it only cost about 6 bucks!  They are back in style, I have heard.

photo 3photo 1

In this I write down what is important.  Where I have to be and when.  I also have other tabs to help me stay organized.  There is a menu planning tab, blog planning tab, and project planning tab.  Also a weekly and monthly at a glance, daily to do list, a note pad and a pouch for keeping coupons. 

photo 2

I have chosen a really cute 3 ring binder to house my planner.  No need to pay $50 for some pretty planner that doesn’t have the exact tabs you want.  I chose the binder with the tabs that I wanted.  And everything I needed I found as a free printable on Pinterest.  Awesome!

I write everything in there in pencil because plans change.  But I have it all in one place.  Hopefully this will help tame the chaos.  I just want to get it together.  That’s what this 31 Days is all about for me!


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