Day 3: The Pantry

pantry 2

I have decided to tackle the kitchen first.  It seems to have the most storage issues and it gets cluttered quickly.  The pantry is the worst!  I have baskets in there but they are overflowing with chips and crackers and who knows what.  Our boxes of canned goods from Costco stay boxed and haphazardly strewn on shelves.  I do believe there are 3 jars of peanut butter in there somewhere but I can only find one.  AAAAHHHHH!



So, I scour blogland in search of some inspiration. 

Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

This is from Burlap and Denim.

A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I love this blog for organizational ideas!

One Perfect Room

Pantry Before and After by Design, Dining + Diapers, pantry organization system, pantry organization, organization tips, closet organization

Designing, Dining and Diapers

OK, I am inspired!  I can do this!  I begin by pulling everything out from the pantry.  I throw away stale and expired items or stuff we just don’t eat.


I already had the baskets.  I got them at Lowes and bought every single one they had about a year ago.  They don’t make them anymore so I’ve had to find similar ones.  That’s hard for me because I like everything matchy-matchy.


I bought these can organizers from Target.


The glass jars are from Ikea. 



I put all of the items we don’t use that often on top.  Trays, a plate rack, cookbook holder, etc.


That felt good!  I can’t wait for the next purge!  The refrigerator!


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