Day 2: Preparation and Purge

I mean business.  You saw the photos.  You know I need to do this.  I plan to tackle my issues room by room.  First I am gathering supplies.  I figure I need plenty of baskets, bins, folders, notebooks, planners, labels, and tags.  I am clearing out what isn’t necessary.  It is going to feel good!


photo 1

I am actually amazed by how much organizational stuff I already have.  Perhaps I was organized in a previous life.   Thank goodness for Martha Stewart!  Her organizational genius is certainly helping me out in a BIG way!

photo 2

I have already begun getting rid of stuff – clothes that are old or too small or out of style.  Just junk that we have lying around.  Goodwill is going to love me!

photo (7)

And I have to say that I love my new iPhone app, Camera +.  It even makes my mess look artistic!


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