31 Days to Getting It Together


I am joining the Nester and hundreds of other bloggers for a 31 Day challenge.  Join me here as I try to get my life, home and family organized and on track throughout the month of October.  I will share organizing tips, challenges and set-backs all on my quest to get it together.  If only I could get 25 hours in a day! Smile

Day 1: Here is My Mess

Day 2: Preparation and Purge

Day 3: The Pantry

Day 4: The Fridge

Day 5: The Planner

Day 6: The Keys To Getting It Together

Day 7: Get Your Stuff Off the Floor

Day 8:  My Work Space and Vision Board

Day 9:  Look the Part

Day 10: The Virus

Day 11: The Exterior

Day 12: The Playroom

Day 13: More Keys to Getting It Together

Day 14: Get Together!

Day 15: The Catch-up Day

Day 16: The Armoire

Day 17: Magazines and Catalogs

Day 18: The Linen Closet

Day 19: Eating Healthy

Day 20: Exercise

Day 21: Use What You’ve Got

Day 22: The Hall Closets

Day 23: The Master Closet Part 1

Day 24: More Keys To Getting It Together

Day 25: Art Files

Day 26 & 27: Craft and Toy Storage

Day 28: The Car

Day 29: The Master Closet Part 2

Day 30: The Guest Room

Day 31: I Really Feel More “Together”


***Sharing at:   It’s Overflowing

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