Taming the “Junk Drawer”

C’mon, you know you have one!  We all do.  It’s that drawer in your kitchen that you just toss everything in to – spare keys, batteries, pens, tape, old candy, those crappy toys your kids get in goodie bags.  Yes, that drawer.

Yesterday I decided to clean mine.  And just an FYI, I actually have two of them.

This is just a sample of what I pulled out:

(Sorry for the bad photos.  My digital is giving me trouble lately.  Had to use the iPhone!)


And I filled the trash can!


I bought drawer organizers at Target.  I believe these are intended for just this purpose.  Actually, I found them with the silverware.


After all of the heavy purging I ended up with a lot of stuff.  I designated one drawer for household items we use regularly.  The other drawer was for quick access home improvement stuff like nails, hammer, screwdrivers and paint touch-up.  By tossing all the packaging and keeping only the product, I found a lot of space!

IMG_0683   IMG_0682

Now I am left with an organized “communication” center.  Pads, pens and pencils are at the ready.  Need new batteries?  They are right here!  A picture needs hanging and I know just where to go!  On top of the counter I have quick access stuff – a basket with the dog brush, a note pad, pens and scissors, a box of tissues and a file with school papers.  Plus the phone and my iHome speakers for some tunes while we clean and cook!


Home organization makes me happy!  Next up- THE PANTRY!!!


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