Paint Choices–Always Test Them!

My painter is coming today and I just decided what color to use – yesterday.  I have spent so much money at Sherwin Williams on sample quarts.  I have to think of a way to use them elsewhere in the house.  A bathroom,  perhaps?

Right now, my walls look like this:


Each beige is labeled.  I have held up fabric swatches to them.  I have looked at them in the morning light, evening light and candle light.  I have agonized over the perfect beige.  Because basically, I get one shot.  I have 2 story walls and an open floor plan.  It has to be the perfect color because a “do-over” is quite pricey.  There will be very tall ladders here in just a short time.  And several painters.   If I had not tested them I would have gone with a color that is terrible for this room.  But it looks great on the paint swatch!  And then I would have had to live with it.  Terrible..But I’ve made the choice after sampling.

No going back now.  The color I finally chose is Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams.


It looks very dark here.  But on my walls it looks like this:


Kind of grey, but warmer than a grey.  I like it!  It will go with everything and lighten up the space.  Right now it is painted a soft gold, which is fine.  But it is original builder paint and has seen 12 years of wear and tear.  It’s time for a refresher!  I can’t wait to hang pictures and share it with you!!!!


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