Mission Accomplished: Family “Drop Zone”

The first day of school is rapidly approaching and I have vowed to get organized!  And by get organized, I mean my whole life.  But baby steps, right?  I can’t accomplish it all at once.  I know it’s a process to get organized.  And it can come undone quickly!  I proved this with my 2 moves this past year.  I also proved that living in chaos is not good for my mental health!  So, now that we are in our permanent residence, I see no reason to reside in a state of chaos.  My children have gotten so comfortable just dropping their stuff wherever that I trip over piles of junk whenever I walk in from the garage.  And my kitchen counter has bits of paper, mail, post it notes, you name it, with no particular home.  I don’t have a visible calendar for the whole family to keep track of one another.  I frequently forget to put stuff in my computer calendar.  We were 20 minutes late for the princesses dance recital because I wrote it down wrong.  I am a mess!  But I WILL get organized before 2014!  With you all as my witnesses!


For organizing our lives, I decided to begin with the door we enter our house through – the garage.  My kids kick off their shoes and toss them into the adjacent laundry room, drop their bags and skip off to do whatever they want.  I toss the mail on the kitchen counter and whatever items of importance are lying around.  The entry and counter look like this:


IMG_5512    IMG_0614

I had all of these great organizational items from my old house, I just hadn’t done anything with them yet.  And I wasn’t sure how to arrange them on the walls.  The space isn’t that big.  So I unrolled some craft paper and began making templates.  You can see my favorite pooch, Murphy, jumped in to help.



I traced and cut templates of all the items I planned to hang.  Then I hung them on the wall just to get proper placement.  I didn’t want the dry erase calendars hanging too low because my kiddos would rub up against them and then I’d be rewriting all the time.  And the hooks had to be at child height.  And everything had to be usable.  I messed around with some placement and finally settled on one.

IMG_5527  IMG_5530IMG_5533

I measured and leveled and hung.  I used the “tape method” for proper hanging.


Now I have this:

IMG_0607  IMG_0609

Everything has its own place.  Mail has a basket, chore charts have a basket, hats have hooks.  The calendars are hung and a bulletin board displays awards, art and important messages.  Now if I can just find a narrow little bench to set the backpacks on, we are in business!!  But it will do for keeping it together when school starts!  One organizational project down, a hundred more to go!

IMG_0610IMG_0611photo (7)

Baskets are from Pottery Barn, hooks and calendars are from Target, bulletin board is from HomeGoods, backpacks are from Pottery Barn Kids.


2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Family “Drop Zone”

  1. I totally need something like this to organize my life. I’m actually a little afraid of school starting and all the clutter and paper and schedules to keep up with. I think you just totally nudged me in the right direction. I love how you made the templates to make sure the arrangement would work for your family. Brilliant!

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