Weekly Menu 8/5–8/9

I have decided that my family needs more vegetables.  This is not a new realization, its just the first time I’m going to do something about it.  I am prepared for the meltdowns at the dinner table and the whining about how disgusting green foods are.  But I will be strong!

Monday – Meatless Monday with Vegetable Lasagne – layers of veggies create the noodles and lots of gooey cheese!

Tuesday – Broiled Fish with Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce – I had dinner at a fancy pants restaurant on Friday and got something similar.  This will be my attempt to recreate it.  The kids will have homemade fish sticks.

Wednesday – Italian Pasta Salad with Sopressata

Thursday – Pretzel Crusted Chicken with Apple Spinach Salad

Friday – My son has a book club meeting so we will all go out to dinner after.  My guess I pizza.  Ugh!  I swear that I need a pizza oven in my kitchen!!


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