One of My Favorite Places… Maine


I have been going to Maine for summer vacations for as long as I can remember.  Some of my best childhood memories are from there.  Fishing off the dock, tubing behind the boat, reading in the hammock, riding the four-wheeler… there are so many.  Having just returned from a visit and knowing that my parents are trying to sell their place made me realize that the summers of visits to Maine may slow and become few and far between.  So I decided to share my visit.


This is my parents house.  It looks pretty simple and all, but just behind it is this…..

313696_2433944006738_1716134060_n  922794_10201128696038282_588308753_n

They live on a very quiet and peaceful lake in rural Maine.  My dad goes fishing almost every day and my mom gets to admire this view.  It is sooooo relaxing. 


This is what we do while we visit.  Fish, blow bubbles, read, swim, explore…. we slow down.


We also tell tales about how big the fish was! Smile


My other favorite place in Maine is this:


This is “camp”, a Maine term for summer cottage.  This is where I have spent summers for as long as I can remember.  My great uncle built it and now my mom’s cousin (whom I call my Aunt Martha) owns it.  Aunt Martha and her husband, Uncle Larry, are the crafty sort.  I’m pretty sure the two of them can do anything.  Camp has evolved over time.  A couple of years ago it got a new kitchen – all cabinets made by Uncle Larry and painted by Aunt Martha.  Then last year it got an expansion – again, all done by them.  It is such a wonderful place.  I hope to have a camp of my own some day.


It is on Green Lake, a fairly well known lake in Maine.  It is beautiful and clear, and cold, but wonderful!




2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Places… Maine

  1. Wow – you are so incredibly Blessed to be able to share this with your children! I’m sure you will all miss it. What gorgeous scenery you have in Maine.

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