A Little Slice of Heaven

Someone told me about a gentleman who had acres, upon acres of antiques and other “junk”.  His prices, I was told, were fair, but it is a ways out in the country.  After hearing this, you know I couldn’t resist!  I grabbed my bestie, who is familiar with “way out in the country”, and we headed to Cline’s Antiques.  Soooo exciting!


Look at all of these goodies!  Grain sacks, vintage signs, bottles in every shape and color, iron and recycled décor, and that was just at the main entrance!!!  As we went further we found 4 barns full of furniture!


This headboard just needs some paint and an upholstered insert and it would be spectacular!!!


The antique sideboards above were only $125 a piece and in great condition!  I fell in love with a different one for $180 but an antique dealer outbid me and got it for $255.  And the dressers we saw just needed some TLC and fresh paint.  They came in all different shapes and sizes! 


After this trip I immediately went home and told Prince Charming that I needed a pick-up truck!  And a storage space and workshop!  Shockingly, he agreed, but asked if we could get settled into our own home first.  I guess I can do that!


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