A Birthday Wish–Home Office Scheme

Today is Prince Charming’s birthday.  He’s 29 – AGAIN!  At our age, there’s not all that much we want unless it’s big.  So when I asked my husband what he would like for his birthday it was BIG!  HUGE, actually, but oh so exciting for me.  He asked for a home office.  This is not an outrageous request.  He’s been working in this since the move.


Can you blame the guy?!

The office in our previous home had lots of built in shelving and storage.  Here at Chateau Charmant, not so much.  So that’s first on the list.  We are having our fabulous carpenter, Yerif with YGM Xtrim Carpentry, come in and build him some built-ins.  They will look similar to this:


(photo from houzz.com)

Prince Charming has chosen this desk from Pottery Barn:


Now that all the function has been chosen, there is that tricky little bit about color.  Prince Charming’s favorite color is blue.  He loves dimly lit spaces.  He loves the ocean and sharks.  His most prized possession is this:


Back in his younger days, the prince went Great White Shark diving with Rodney Fox.  If you don’t know who Rodney Fox is, read about him here.  This is a framed picture signed by Mr. Fox himself.  It will display prominently in the office.  Soooo, it kind of dictates the color scheme of the office.  I know what you are thinking – “Turquoise.  Your best option is turquoise.”  Nope!  Not a chance!  I have chosen a darker, more moody blue found in the shadowy parts of the picture.  I think it is the color of cold ocean water.  And a lovely sandy white for the trim and built-ins. (white sand by Benjamin Moore)


(Refuge by Sherwin Williams)


This photo is my inspiration.  It is a beachy scheme without being literal.  And the colors from the shark picture would work perfectly.  I went on the hunt for fabric.  I needed something masculine but pretty.  And it had to have that blue in it.  My BFF and I headed out to the best fabric store around and found nothing.  Her comment was “I think you better find another blue”.  I refused to give up!!!!  Sooo, I went online.  Nothing.  I went to the local fabric store.  Nothing.  Then I went to the expensive custom order fabric store.  Ding! Ding!  We have a winner!  They had the fabric in stock so the price isn’t too bad.  If I had to custom order it, I’d be changing the blue. 


I want to do a chair in the plaid, an accent pillow and small ottoman in the medallion and the terracotta graphic is the bold pop to break up the blue and it will be curtains. Now I will be scouring yard sales, thrift stores and the side of the road for a chair and ottoman to reupholster. 

I can’t wait to get started.  When I showed Prince Charming the plan he looked at me and said “It’s so me!”  Isn’t that the best compliment any designer can get?!

So, Happy Birthday, Honey!  Your office is about 1 month away!

(stay tuned for before and after photos!)


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