Kitchen Before & After


Here it is!  The big “ta-da”!  I’m so happy with my kitchen.  But when I first started out, I was not.  I told Prince Charming that the only way I would buy this house is if the kitchen could get a makeover.  I wasn’t kidding.  He knew it.  Now I’m in love!

Here is what we started out with:


Everything was heavy and dark.  And green is my least favorite color, but notice the color of the cabinets on the island.  Yeah, they had to go.  Even the dark granite took on a greenish hue.  It’s a beautiful space with lots of storage.  I love the backsplash, too.  None of that had to change.  I needed to lighten up the space.  On a rainy day it felt like a cave.

I found a wonderful lady who does all sorts of cabinetry.  I couldn’t get her in here fast enough!  Well, she came in and took all the doors to spray in an off white lacquer.  She called the color Oyster.  I call it wonderful!!  She began spraying the boxes on the same day Above Board Flooring came to lay new hardwoods in the keeping room and sand the existing floors to refinish them. 

I was able to come in and snap some photos in between work.


All of this reno stuff is dusty and dirty work.  Notice the light fixture too.  Say “Au Revoir!” to that as well!!!

Now I get to cook in this:



Look how much brighter everything is!!!  The walls got a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams Kilim Beige paint.  The kitchen island was lacquered in black and the edges rubbed back to reveal the reddish cabinetry beneath.  Just a little nod to what once was.  The hardwood floors were refinished in Minwax Dark Walnut stain and a matte finish polyurethane. 


I changed the hardware to a rubbed bronze pull for drawers and knob for cabinets.  (they were all brushed nickel knobs before)


The light fixture over the island was changed to the Lucas 3-light Pendant from Ballard Designs.


I have all of these wonderful storage spaces.  I am truly in love with this kitchen!


It wasn’t until we moved in and the last cabinet door was hung that I realized how lazy I had become in the kitchen.  I had hardly created anything new or experimented with recipes is such a long time!  Buckle up, y’all!  I’m ready to do some cookin’!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Before & After

  1. Hi! Can you tell me the lady that you used for your cabinets? We are looking at a house right now and the kitchen needs a re-do badly! Thanks so much.

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