Outdoor Living Area–Before & After

It has been warming up a bit down here and I am thinking about outdoor living spaces.  At my last home, I designed a great outdoor living space with the assistance of a landscape architect.  I don’t know my plants so I really needed help in that area.  But as for the overall layout of the space, Prince Charming and I devised it all and we loved it. 


This is what the back yard looked like when we moved in.  Very boring, but lots of space.  This was a great yard.


This is what it looked like after.  We put in a tiered patio with a fire pit.  We used it often, especially as the weather warmed up in the Spring and began to cool in the Fall.  Many s’mores were made here!

Our screened porch was a must have.  We altered the house plan to accommodate one when we built this house.  When we moved in it looked like this:


The furniture was very big and didn’t work well on the porch.  The layout was awkward and we found ourselves not really using the space.  So I spruced it up a bit.


The sectional came from Target and I love it!  It was very affordable and easy to assemble.  Most of the accessories were from HomeGoods and that great coffee table was a Décor Steal.  I was sad to leave that room, but it was well loved after I gave it a make-over.  I look forward to my next screened porch! Smile


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