Weekly Menu 2/4-2/8

We have all been battling strep throat in my house, so this week I am focusing on easy to swallow foods.  All soups and stews on the menu this week.  This menu is meant to heal, soothe and warm the whole family.  I hope everyone is healthy in your home, if not, give this menu a try to get everyone back on their feet!

Monday – Beet Soup – This is a family recipe and soooo easy.  Just boil beets in beef broth until they are easy to peel and tender.  Peel and cut up julienne style and toss into some fresh beef broth.  Bring to a boil again until beets are fairly soft.  (think al dente)  I like to eat mine with some red wine vinegar mixed in and mashed potatoes at the bottom, but that is not a must. 

Tuesday – Butternut Squash SoupThis one is so easy.  Boil a russet potato, a sweet potato, and a butternut squash until easily mashed.  Sauté an onion and an apple.  Toss all ingredients into a deep pot and add chicken broth.  Use an immersion blender to puree.  Add broth until you get your desired consistency.  Viola!

Wednesday – Pappa Al Pomidoro – Thank goodness for Ina Garten on this one.

Thursday – Champion Chili – Another family recipe, but this one I won’t share just yet. 

Friday – Winter Vegetable Soup – I’ve shared this recipe before.  Enjoy!


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