No, I did not get a furry friend for Christmas, thank goodness!  I already have 3!  But right now I am dealing with more fur because my parents’ dog is visiting as well.  And he sleeps on the bed with them.  And my cats do too!  They also allow him on the furniture, which my dog IS NOT allowed to do.  Sooo, my house is truly covered in fur.  I have been looking for some solutions for this issue and have found a few.  If you have the same problem, give these a try.






1.  The Furminator!  This has to be the best pet brush ever.  It really gets every bit of fur, but you have to brush often.  When I take my yellow lab out it the yard for his visit with the furminator, it looks like he shed an additional dog!

2.  Launder often!  My bedding gets gross with cat hair.  I have a short haired and a medium haired cat.  My medium haired cat sheds like crazy and she hates to be brushed.  I have a blanket on the bed that she lays on and it is easy to wash.  Before I wash it, I usually tape it off with a lint roller to get a good bit of the fur up.

3.  Tape Roller!  As I mentioned above, I tape off my cats blanket before washing, but I use it on clothing, furniture, just about anything.  I go through a lot of the tape rollers so I buy them in bulk!

4.  Rubber gloves!  This one is amazing!  Its so easy I can’t believe it!  Wear a pair of rubber gloves and rub them over the furniture in one direction.  You can watch your fur ball grow!

5.  Invest in a good vacuum!  This one saves a whole lot of trouble.  We blazed through a cheap vacuum that said it was good for pets in no time.  Spend the money and buy a good one.  Preferably one with a warranty in case it breaks down. 

And if you see me out and about just laugh at the amount of pet fur I have on me.  I know it’s there, but some days it’s just a battle I don’t have the energy to fight!


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