Home, Sweet, Temporary Home

Well, my friends, it is time to explain why I’ve been MIA for so long.  We sold our house!  In 9 days!  I couldn’t believe it myself.  And the buyers wanted us out in 30 days.  Amazing!  It was a whirlwind, but thanks to my fabulous neighbor who happens to be an expert packer, we were able to do it.  The down side was that we couldn’t work out the house we wanted to buy, soooo we are renting.  It is only temporary and we are in the most fantastic neighborhood.  We rented a very cute house located behind a very upscale shopping center in town.  Everything is within walking distance which is wonderful and dangerous all at the same time.  It is almost heaven to me to be able to walk to Williams-Sonoma anytime I want, or to get a Starbucks when I need a little caffeine kick, or a great fashion boutique for some retail therapy.  My kids love being close to a candy shop and their favorite pizza place.  I’m going to have to be careful not to spoil them!

But here’s the trouble with renting….. it’s not yours.  My interior decorator heart is yearning to fix this place up!  Right now I have painters here who have matched the paint color of the house and are giving it a bit of a refresher.  It needed it.  The walls were worn and scuffed and it was just downright depressing.  I’ll post some photos once they are done.  At least the house was painted a color I liked and that matched my furnishings.  We won’t be hanging too many pictures or cooking gourmet meals at this house.  There are plenty of places to eat that we can walk to.  Fabulous!!!  And the garage is packed full of our stuff, but it isn’t forever.  It’s pretty close quarters with the things we have put in the house.  But a house is only a home when your family is there.  We will have a good time here, even if it is just temporary.


                           (As you can see, we’ve decorated a bit for Halloween)


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