Domestic Bliss

My idea of domestic bliss is an organized home where everyone cleans up after themselves.  They all know where items belong and they put them there when they are through using them.  The family respects a clean home and tries to keep it that way.  They eat what is served for dinner without complaint and help with the clean up after.  And knowing that this will NEVER happen, I turn to home décor magazines and Pinterest to allow me to dream…..


Rachel Weinblatt's refrigerator makeover

sweet, sweet organized refrigerator. note the minimal quantities of plastic. le swoon.

Photo courtesy of Whole Living


Photo courtesy of Real Simple

Wouldn’t a refrigerator this organized be wonderful?!  No more finding what looks to be a science experiment growing in the back of the fridge. 

organization in the pantry   Real-Life Closet Makeovers

A pantry like this…..                                      Or a linen closet like this!

Create a Clutter Barrier


What a lovely clutter barrier and entry area!

It is both functional and beautiful.

(photo courtesy of BHG)


built-in bookcase for cookbooks                           brilliant

Cookbook storage and display! I’m in love!                      And the sheer brilliance of this!

Now I’m in a good mood!  As long as I don’t look in a closet, pantry or refrigerator for the rest of the day, I’m sure my domestic bliss will continue!  Smile


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