LEGO Madness Part 1

Is anyone else afflicted with this illness?  I surely am.  Please see exhibit A:


This is a guest bedroom in my house that is now called “the LEGO room”.  It is my personal belief that if you have so many LEGOs that it takes over an entire bedroom then you have too many!!  So this weekend I have been on a mission to clean up and organize this room so that it can be used as a guest bedroom once more.  And occasionally as a LEGO room.  Just to keep the boys in my life happy!

My son and I agreed to take apart most of the sets, store them in clear containers with the building instructions inside and a picture of the set on the outside.  This way all of the pieces are together, it is easy to rebuild when he wants to and easy to identify each set.  I get the benefit of being able to see my guest bedroom floor!

And after a long weekend of disassembling, sorting and stacking……


It’s not perfect yet.  There is still more work to be done, but it is definitely an improvement.  If I can get the oldest boy (my husband) to see the light and remove that huge gray building platform, all will be good!  There are curtains to hang, a bed to buy and that old dresser to refinish.  Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.


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