Weekly Menu 7/30-8/3

This week is a short week for us with not a lot of cooking.  Hopefully by Friday evening I will be enjoying a lobster roll back home in New England!  And this week I will be enjoying a quiet steak dinner with my wonderful husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  So, all in all, a wonderful week!

Monday – Baked tilapia with herbed polenta and baked tomatoes

Tuesday – Pan roasted chicken with sweet potatoes

Wednesday – Happy Anniversary!

Thursday – Pizza!

Friday – lobster roll?  clam chowder?  I just can’t decide!

Domestic Bliss

My idea of domestic bliss is an organized home where everyone cleans up after themselves.  They all know where items belong and they put them there when they are through using them.  The family respects a clean home and tries to keep it that way.  They eat what is served for dinner without complaint and help with the clean up after.  And knowing that this will NEVER happen, I turn to home décor magazines and Pinterest to allow me to dream…..


Rachel Weinblatt's refrigerator makeover

sweet, sweet organized refrigerator. note the minimal quantities of plastic. le swoon.

Photo courtesy of Whole Living


Photo courtesy of Real Simple

Wouldn’t a refrigerator this organized be wonderful?!  No more finding what looks to be a science experiment growing in the back of the fridge. 

organization in the pantry   Real-Life Closet Makeovers

A pantry like this…..                                      Or a linen closet like this!

Create a Clutter Barrier


What a lovely clutter barrier and entry area!

It is both functional and beautiful.

(photo courtesy of BHG)


built-in bookcase for cookbooks                           brilliant

Cookbook storage and display! I’m in love!                      And the sheer brilliance of this!

Now I’m in a good mood!  As long as I don’t look in a closet, pantry or refrigerator for the rest of the day, I’m sure my domestic bliss will continue!  Smile

Weekly Menu 7/23-7/27

As you will see, my food creativity wasn’t in action this week.  Sorry for the boring menu, but at least the family will be fed!

Monday – Pasta all’amatriciana – my favorite easy pasta dish with crispy pancetta and white wine.

Tuesday – Steak and tomato salad

Wednesday – Taco salad

Thursday – Hawaiian chicken kebabs

Friday – Dinner out – mama needs someone to cook for her! Smile

Lazy Caprese Salad

This is a wonderful recipe that is so easy and so delish.  I brought it over to a friends house and almost laughed when she asked for the “recipe”.  I just throw it together, but I decided to write it down just for her.  (Thanks, Alissa!)


1 pint of cherry or grape tomatoes, halved or quartered

1 bunch fresh basil, chopped

1 cup perline mozzarella

2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper

Mix it all up in a bowl and serve!

How easy is that?!

Weekly Menu 7/16-7/20

It’s a yummy week full of seasonal and kid friendly meals.

Monday – grilled tuna steaks with mango salsa

Tuesday – lasagna roll-ups (just ricotta, mozzarella, and Italian sausage rolled up in lasagna noodles and dipped in red sauce)

Wednesday – apple, bacon and cheddar Panini

Thursday – cheese ravioli in sage butter

Friday – grilled steak and seasonal veggies (this is my secret weapon for grilled steaks!)


I absolutely love this online program!  I could spend hours just creating away!  This is my second creation.  Let me know what you think.  I am really stuck on dining rooms lately.  Perhaps that’s because my kitchen table has seen better days.  Smile  I have so much fun just designing rooms and tapping in to my domestic creativity.  Next I think I’ll try a living room or a bedroom.


Weekly Menu 7/9-7/14

Monday – Grilled steak and Caesar salad

Tuesday – Fried pork chops on a bed of arugula

Wednesday – Baked chicken and broccoli quinoa casserole

Thursday – Burgers and baked potato salad  *(I have modified this.  I use mayo instead of Miracle Whip and I don’t bake it.  I mix in the cheese and chill.)

Friday – Brick oven pizza courtesy of a friend who has a pizza kitchen in her back yard!  How’s that for a backyard BBQ?!


LEGO Madness Part 1

Is anyone else afflicted with this illness?  I surely am.  Please see exhibit A:


This is a guest bedroom in my house that is now called “the LEGO room”.  It is my personal belief that if you have so many LEGOs that it takes over an entire bedroom then you have too many!!  So this weekend I have been on a mission to clean up and organize this room so that it can be used as a guest bedroom once more.  And occasionally as a LEGO room.  Just to keep the boys in my life happy!

My son and I agreed to take apart most of the sets, store them in clear containers with the building instructions inside and a picture of the set on the outside.  This way all of the pieces are together, it is easy to rebuild when he wants to and easy to identify each set.  I get the benefit of being able to see my guest bedroom floor!

And after a long weekend of disassembling, sorting and stacking……


It’s not perfect yet.  There is still more work to be done, but it is definitely an improvement.  If I can get the oldest boy (my husband) to see the light and remove that huge gray building platform, all will be good!  There are curtains to hang, a bed to buy and that old dresser to refinish.  Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

Weekly Menu 7/2-7/6

This week is all about salad and sharing those salads at Fourth of July barbeques!  This is my favorite holiday because of the sun, backyard fun and fireworks!  I hope you all have a wonderful fourth and enjoy this wonderful country we live in.

Monday – Italian summer salad – fresh cucumber, tomato and basil mixed with Italian bread and salami.  Yum!

Tuesday – Ratatouille

Wednesday – Taco salad with chicken – black beans, corn, tomato and lettuce drenched in Chipotle ranch and topped with chicken.

Thursday – Shrimp and steak with green beans

Friday – Oriental Chicken Salad – Ramen noodles get a make-over!

Eat up and enjoy!

photo courtesy of Bing Images