Weekly Menu – 6/25-6/29

Every Sunday night I sit on the couch and create the weekly menu and grocery list.  Yes, I cook 5 days a week.  No, I am not a gourmet chef.  I just try to feed my family healthy foods that are easy to make.  The menu then gets posted on a dry erase board in the kitchen.  There are no surprises for anyone this way.  And I have a “take it or leave it” policy in my kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and I enjoy family dinner even more.

This time of year I try to do as much on the grill as possible and use as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible.  Everything tastes better when it is fresh and farm grown, don’t you agree?  This week we are having:

Monday:  Classic BLT

Tuesday: Grilled skirt steak with potatoes and chimichurri  sauce

Wednesday: Grilled chicken and peach salad

Thursday: Breaded tilapia and fried zucchini

Friday: Chorizo stuffed peppers

On the weekends we are usually out and about or entertaining so I don’t plan family meals.  But stay tuned for some great recipes from when we entertain.  Send me a note and I’ll gladly send you the recipe for anything on our menu.  Nothing takes more than 30 minutes to prepare and all of it is very simple.  Enjoy!


Let’s Get This Party Started!

Hello blog world!  If you have stumbled upon my blog, thank you!  I am new to the blog world so I would greatly appreciate any feedback you would like to provide.  I am a stay at home mom of 2 looking to improve my home for my family.  I am also a real estate broker and investor, a constant bargain shopper, a wannabe interior designer and household chef.  I love to cook, clean, organize and decorate everything!  Follow along and I will fill you in on some tips that I use to make life easier, recipes that are simple and wonderful and just domestic charms that I stumble upon.  Thank you for reading!